Courants" Lê Quan Ninh (percussion), Fine Kwiatkiowski (dance), Willehad Grafenhorst (video, electronics, doublebass) et Michel Doneda (soprano saxophone)

These are not only video-sequences, deluging the surfaces from which they appear. These are not only intermittent bunches of rays, like chasms, to which the artists hold on to. Like in a natural living space. Two video-projectors, interfering one another, create luminous conditions, rhytmical, there, where the concrete becomes abstract. Where the surfaces become voluminous fields, without forcing music or choreography. Marriage of the fixed time, fixed in light Ė and in the improvisation. Courants question the simultanity of biological and natural time, of permanence and the organical, of sequence and necessity. Between the determined and the moving, between the predictable and the reference to the not predictable, Courants are an audio-visual ensemble, in which every artist brings with him/her the required ingredient for the unbalance. (Lê Quan Ninh. Translated by Petra Lang)

Exaltatio Utriusque Mundi

Exaltatio Utriusque Mundi" Frédéric Blondy (piano)

"Exaltatio utriusque mundi" translates as "Exaltation of two worlds". On this debut release, Paris-based improvisors Frédéric Blondy and Lê Quan Ninh cast two contrasting musical worlds. One of those worlds, exemplified best by cuts one and three, has Blondy on the piano keyboard, flicking twinkling skeins of spiderwebby notes from his fingertips, while Ninh punctuates, usually selecting gritty textures. The second sound-world is noisy and static, scraped together out of the metalskin guts of the instruments (cuts two, four). Overall, they do a better job of getting exalted with the second musica mundo.<p>Critics by Tom Djll.

Hübsch / Kimmig / Lê Quan

Hübsch / Kimmig / Lê Quan" Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), Harald Kimmig (violin) et Lê Quan Ninh (percussion)

This trio started in 2000 and gave already numerous concerts mainly in Germany. Three instruments rarely mixed together, three different courses and three points of view that fusion together within an organic and alive music.

Love Stream

Love Stream" Lê Quan Ninh (percussion) et Martine Altenburger (cello)

This duo started in 1997 and is mainly devoted to improvisation. However, since 2006, it is the smallest core of the Ensemble Hiatus and the duet proposes also concerts of written and improvised pieces.