Quatuor Hêlios
Percussion Ensemble
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Georges Aperghis
Seul à Seuls200655
John Cage
Second Construction +19408'
Third Construction +194110'
Double Music +19415'
Amores +194310'
She is asleep +194312'
Imaginary Landscape #1 +19396'
Imaginary Landscape #2 +19427'
Imaginary Landscape #3 +19423'
Credo in us +194210'
Four4 +199172'
Inlets +1977ad lib
Music for amplified toy pianos +1960ad lib
Radio Music +19566'
But what about the noise of crumpling paper which he used to do in order to paint the series of "papiers froissés" or tearing up paper to make "papiers déchirés"? Arp was stimulated by water (sea, lake, and flowing waters like rivers), forests. +
"In celebration of the work of Jean Arp on the occasion of the centenary of his birth".

The title comes from a letter written by Greta Ströh, manager of the Arp Foundation. This letter is part of the correpondence between Ms. Ströh and John Cage, concerning this project.
There are 10 parts of which between 3 to 10 may be used in a performance. Repetitions may be made.
Each player chooses 2 slightly resonant instruments (or more) of different materials played in unison. In the parts these are notated as + . The o in the parts stand for water, paper or other unidentified sounds. Dynamics are free, but should be varied. A performance should be without conductor, very slow, each player following his or her own beat.

Each performer plays his part twice, but as each player keeps his own time, the second performance will be different, since things coccur at different moments.
Performers may be stationed around the audience, or among them, or on stage. If the works is performed on a stage, the players should not be too close together.

1985ad lib
Living Room Music (for percussion and speech quartet) +19396'
Jean-Christophe Feldhandler
D'une Lumière (for percussion, piano, melodica and electric guitar) +199610'
Snafu (for percussion, trombone, Hammond organ, drums & electronics) +200045'
Chemins Propices (for percussion, melodicas, shengs and tape) +200422'
Vinko Globokar
Kvadrat +198915'
Lou Harrison
Double Music +19415'
Daniel Koskowitz
Grover Mills (for percussion and sequencer) +199645'
George E. Lewis
Virtual Discourse (for interactive virtual instruments) +199335'
Crazy Quilt (for interactive virtual instruments)200230'
Lê Quan Ninh
Oscille (for interactive virtual instruments) +199830'
Toru Takemitsu
Seasons (for percussion and tape) +197018'