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Percussion Ensemble
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Isabelle Berteletti

Born in Arbois in 1960

Musical studies (piano and percussion) at the CNR in Grenoble. Won first prize in 1978.

Then works with Sylvio Gualda at the CNR in Versailles. Won first prize in 1980.

She began to work in several contemporary music ensembles (Musique Vivante, l’Ensemble InterContemporain, 2E2M, Alternance, Itinéraire, Ensemble FA and Musique Oblique) with which she participates to numerous premieres and recordings.

She devoted herself to improvisation since 2000 with the cymbalum (traditional hungarian instrument between piano and percussion) used as a sounds source rather than in a traditional way.

Jean-Christophe Feldhandler

Born in Paris in 1962

Has studied percussion with Sylvio Gualda and composition with Carlos Roque Alsina.

Main works as a composer :

Nacht und Nacht for string quartet, Festival Musique Action 1994
Journal d'un Manoeuvre musical play directed by Marc Feld, festival Nouvelles Scènes 1995 (commande d'Etat)
D'une Lumière for Hêlios Quartet, festival Musique Action 1996
Lointain Visage trombone solo pour Vinko Globokar 1996
Obscurités for string quartet, actor and tape, texe by Marc Feld, festival Sons D'Hiver 1998
C'Est Par Là for two speaking/singing voices, from Poussière Sculptée by André du Bouchet, festival Résonances 1999
Snafu for sextet, instrumental piece from the Bruce Benderson's Toxico, festival Musique Action 2000 (commande d'Etat)
Elargissement De Ciel for string ensemble and electronics, Brussels 2001
Les Lingères De Blanc Sous Les Averses oratorio for mezzo-soprano and electronics, on the text Interjection by Antonin Artaud, Résonances 2002
Un Magicien musical play directed by Marc Feld, text by Zeno Bianu, festival d'Automne 2003
Nous N'Irons Plus Au Bois for cello and percussion, St-Nazaire 2004
Chemins Propices for percussion and tape fo Hêlios Quartet, festival Why-Note 2004

Florent Haladjian

Born in Romans in 1959

Son of jazz drummer Arthur Haladjian, he started to play drums very young, as a self-taught and plays in several dance bands.

He began to study percussion in 1975 successively with Michel Visse at the conservatory in Grenoble, Sylvio Gualda at the CNR in Versailles and Gaston Sylvestre at the CNR in Rueil-Malmaison. Won first prize in 1981.

He taught percussion at the conservatory in Cergy-Pontoise from 1985 to 1992.

He played in several contemporary music ensembles like Musique Vivante, 2E2M, Alternance, Entre-Temps, Ensemble FA and Itinéraire.

He worked as well with the following directors : Jean-Louis Barrault, Hideyuki Yano, Michel Raphaelli, Marc Feld...

He created in collaboration with Isabelle Berteletti, the music of a play based on corsican traditional songs premiered in 1988 by the Teatre di Musica a Testa Mora.

He also participated with Michel Doneda, Daunik Lazro, Dominique Regef, Lê Quan Ninh et Philippe Deschepper to a creation as a tribute to Sidney Bechet at the festival Banlieues Bleues in 1990.

In 1986, he began to study music from West Africa. He worked in that field with Mamadi Keita, Adama Drame and Louis-César Ewandé.

Since 1999, he makes experimental movies (see Electric H) for which he creates a music with an home-made instrument : the “coils-tree”, a sort of network of amplified coils and a mix-board used as an instrument.

Lê Quan Ninh

Born in Paris in 1961

Lê Quan Ninh (first name Ninh) won first prize in percussion at the Versailles Conservatory in Sylvio Gualda's class in 1982 and has played with several contemporary music ensembles. He has composed and played music for the theatre, for dance and for video art.

As an improvisor, he participates at numerous meetings in Europe and in the USA and plays regularly in ensembles (with Michel Doneda, Martine Altenburger, Bhob Rainey, Greg Kelley, Serge Pey, Michel Mathieu...) in forms that mix improvised acoustic & electroacoustic music, 'performance art', dance, poetry, experimental cinema, photography and video...

From 1992 to 2002 he has been a member and founder of La Flibuste - a network of artists based in the Toulouse area and engaged in the reflection, the organisation and the presentation of free improvisation practices.

He works currently with the dancers Iwana Masaki, Valérie Métivier, Nakamura Yukiko, Michel Raji, Pascal Delhay and Patricia Kuypers.

His discography counts about 20 CD on european and american labels.

Web site : http://www.lequanninh.net