Quatuor Hêlios
Percussion Ensemble
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John Cage - Credo in us - More Works for Percussion

Quatuor Hêlios : Isabelle Berteletti, Florent Haladjian, Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Lê Quan Ninh

Credo in us (11:58), Imaginary Landscape #1 (7:26), Inlets (9:17), Imaginary Landscape #3 (3:24), But what about the noise of crumpling paper which he used to do in order to paint the series of "papiers froissés" or tearing up paper to make "papiers déchirés?" Arp was stimulated by water (sea, lake and flowing waters like rivers), forests (16:51)

Recorded at CCAM, Vandœuvre-Lès-Nancy, France in 1999 and 2000

Wergo 6651-2